Notebook Guidelines for the Study Guide

You have taken the first step towards experiencing an incredible, possibly life-changing, adventure. I applaud your initiative and encourage you to remain steadfast in your follow-through. I can tell you from first-hand experience that God will bless your efforts. 


To help you collect and organize your Study Guide, I recommend that you use a three-ring binder, with a plastic sleeve on the cover. If you download and print the pages from the website, I recommend using a one-and-a-half-inch (1.5") notebook.


Here are some basic guidelines for setting up your Study Guide notebook. 

Cover Pages

Put the Study Guide title pages in the plastic sleeve on the front and back covers.


Tabs and Dividers

You need five divider tabs in your notebook with the following categories written/typed on the inserts -- Basics, Charts, Visuals, Maps, and Reviews.


Opening Pages

To get started put the following pages before the first tab -- The Balloon Page, One Small Problem, To Whom Much Is Given, Table of Contents, Reading Schedule, and Weekly Game Plan.


Five Sections

Download and print the files in each section and build your notebook.


Start Downloading Files

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