Technologically Challenged?

That's okay. Here are some helpful tips.


What Is a PDF Anyway?

A PDF is simply a file in a flexible format that all computers can view. However, you will need a program called "Adobe Reader." You can download and install this program for free; just click on the link below and follow the instructions.


Download Free Adobe Reader


Opening a PDF

Next, any time you click on a PDF file link, you will be asked whether to open or save the file (unless your browser automatically opens it).


If you open the file, you can print it directly from the website. However, if you save the file, you will need to find somewhere on your computer to store it. To do that, read the next section called "Saving a PDF."


Saving a PDF

To save a PDF file on your computer (this is after you have clicked on the link), push the "Save" button and then find the "My Documents" folder on your hard drive (it will be marked with the letter "C:"). 


Create a BiAY folder in "My Documents"; then, click "Save," to save the file in the BiAY folder. You now have the file on your computer for good, and you can access it at any time. 


Note, you have to repeat this step for every PDF file. To save yourself some time and headache, you can simply order the Study Guide and Daily Reflections. Click on the link below to view your ordering options.


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