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  • Jenny Griffis (Monday, January 03 22 07:19 pm EST)

    Hi Aaron - I finally did it! Finished BIAY. The enemy tried his best to stop me and keep me from continuing on several times, but by the grace of God I was able to persevere. Thank you so much for BIAY. It helped me understand some difficult passages and concepts and kept me interested through some kind of dry reading at times, lol. I plan to do it again - maybe not this year, but soon - and am trying to get my daughter to do it with me. You've provided a wonderful study tool and I can't thank you enough.

  • Tanya Williams (Saturday, January 01 22 07:57 am EST)

    Thank you so very much for writing the Daily Reflections. I have read the complete Bible a couple of times from OT-NT in my early Christian years, but I had not read much in the OT in a long time. I'm not sure in those early days that I understood all that I was reading. Thank you for being a 'workman' and a 'bondservant' as Paul instructed Timothy and us to be.

    I appreciated BiAY because it gave you structure, and the Daily Reflections did just that to help you focus and reflect. I highly recommend BiAY and Reflections to everyone!

  • Heather Moak (Monday, November 01 21 08:21 am EDT)

    After almost 3 years, I finished the chronological Bible reading and what a cool journey it has been! I am proud to say I have done it and will probably do it again sometime in the future! I feel so much more confident in my understanding of the Bible as a whole. I am less intimidated by the Old Testament. I plan to make a facebook post about this study to let my friends know how great of a resource it is. I LOVE that there are lots of resources to go along with each day and week. I will hold on to these forever and use them moving forward. I really really appreciate this study and hope that many other people are taking advantage of it as well. Thank you for taking time to create this, as I am sure it took a while to put together, but a much needed resource and exactly what I was looking for at the time I wanted to read the Bible chronologically!

  • Donna Barrett (Friday, January 01 21 03:30 pm EST)

    Thank you for all the resources in Reading the Bible chronologically. I have completed this study two years now and have used the daily reflections as well. It has greatly increased my love for the scriptures and enhanced my understanding. Thank you for all that you have done to share with others.

  • Nancy Mayes (Monday, September 14 20 08:32 am EDT)

    I'm so thankful to have a platform for reading the Word through with my kids. It's also very eye-opening with the parallels and relevance of today's current events and the Old Testament. There's nothing new under the sun...

    We also are all very thankful for the Daily Reflections that you compiled. They are a tremendous blessing! There are times that we can't imagine what could possibly be written in the devotional on a specific section, yet you always find a way to bring forth the relevance. It has helped us to not just "read" the words but find it's application. It has also initiated a lot of conversation on topics that may not necessarily apply as much to younger kids as they don't have the life experience, but we can share wisdom through it and share some of the things that we deal with and they may someday deal with.

    I thank you for the effort you put into You are a blessing to us!

  • Shaina Martin Cochrane (Wednesday, January 08 20 06:58 am EST)

    Thanks Aaron...I LOVE my BIAY binder. Thank you wholeheartedly for your time and genuine passion for teaching God’s Word. Your writing is very easy to comprehend for us non-theologians.

    God bless you richly for helping my little mind understand God’s Word and apply it to my life.

  • Linda Riley (Monday, January 06 20 06:19 am EST)

    Wow! 2019 is the second year I have gone through BiAY. What I didn't get the first time, I pretty much picked up the second time. You, sir, very obviously have been blessed to have put together such a terrific study for those of us who can't. You are right about setting aside a time to read and making it a priority. (I get up early and do mine before any one else is up.) In this season of my life God led me to participate and learn. Thank you for making it so easy.

  • Patti Sherman (Wednesday, June 26 19 11:22 am EDT)

    Hubby and I just finished reading our Chronological Bible. I/we LOVE it. We finished it in 7 months, reading 2 days at a time each day. It opened up clear understanding of the way things happened and it all flowed together.

    Thank you for taking the time to make sure lay people understand the Word of God. Such a blessing!!

  • Terri Nordan (Wednesday, June 26 19 11:04 am EDT)

    I started this plan in January at our church and I am so INSPIRED with the Daily Reflections!! It has brought so much LIFE to the WORD and to me. They help me understand the WORD better than I ever have before. I recommend this to everyone!

  • Carlee Harris (Friday, April 05 19 05:12 pm EDT)

    Thank you so much for the time and work you put in to writing the Daily Reflections for the Bible In A Year. Though it took me 15 months rather than 12 months, I just finished. Your reflections helped me understand some of the difficult passages and truly meditate on the scripture rather than checking it off for the day. It was a blessing, and I highly recommend it to others.

  • Hyla Winters (Monday, January 15 18 03:32 pm EST)

    Having been a Christian for a few years, this is probably the best study I have ever done. Great feeling of accomplishment to have read entire Bible.

  • Al Paoli (Wednesday, October 04 17 10:04 am EDT)

    As we dig into the NT, I just wanted to let you know that the 2nd time through has been even more amazing. The Lord has used you and your tools in extraordinary ways. My son and I walk through daily chronological reading with unbelievable depth. Thus, I am grateful for what the Holy Spirit reveals and illuminates daily!

    Additionally, our journey has motivated a few others in our Community Groups and my Men's Group to desire a similar experience alone and with family. A new year ahead may spur depth beyond measure.

    Stay strong and keep creating and writing are making a significant difference in lives to enhance His Kingdom!

  • Carrie (Tuesday, May 09 17 05:07 pm EDT)

    I was thrilled when I was told about your daily reflections. They are a great compliment to each daily reading and I enjoy the reflection time where I can consider where I am and grow deeper in my walk.

    I really appreciate these daily reflections.

  • Nancy and John Peyton (Wednesday, March 29 17 03:23 pm EDT)

    Hi Aaron -just wanted to let you know that we're enjoying your BIAY daily study guide. Your writing style makes it something we look forward to each morning, and your reflection questions provoke some great thoughts and discussion.

  • Valerie Harvard (Thursday, January 12 17 09:01 am EST)

    The study guide looks wonderful!! I am very excited to begin using this to supplement my readings. I am using this while being part of Facebook group Women in the Word. This year we are reading the Bible chronologically. Being home bound, the Facebook group and your study guide give me the accountability and resources to stay in His Word this year. Thank you and may God bless you bunches!

  • Fred Schmidt (Wednesday, January 04 17 04:52 pm EST)

    My wife Diana & I completed the BIAY. We wanted to thank you for all of your time & dedication in developing this program to make it easier and more understandable for the rest of us.

    We were motivated to do this for a number of reasons but mainly because of the statistic as to how few Christians had read the entire bible, and we were 2 of them. We found the amount of reading to be manageable and we did the lessons together each week. We found the summaries and reviews to be informative, spot on, and excellent questions for discussion.

    We decided we are going to do it again this year. Thanks again for this study, and all of the other resources you have worked on to advance the Kingdom.

  • Céline (Thursday, April 07 16 07:39 am EDT)

    awesome guide, encouraging to know more about the Word. The weekly reviews are good reminders on what I've read and learnt so far. The devotionals are uplifting and help me to apply the Bible to my
    life. THANK YOU!

  • Kiersten Lynch (Tuesday, November 24 15 04:36 pm EST)

    Thank you for sharing your passion for His Word. 170 women at our church are reading through the Bible now. Some of their husbands and children, too.

  • Lisa Guest (Monday, November 23 15 10:21 am EST)

    So how is reading through the Bible going? A picture is worth a lot of words, right? I was touched by how many women in my group spoke with tears this morning on how The Lord is speaking to them
    through His Word. What a blessing to be a part of this! When we first proposed reading through God's Word, the women weren't exactly doing cartwheels of joy. The task sounded daunting--and it is a
    big undertaking. But, Aaron, God is so blessing the step of faith each woman took when she registered for the year. The women are appreciating the experience. I've heard "Why haven't I done this
    before?" and "Making time for the reading is not as hard as I thought it would be!" Some are noticing overarching themes in this flyover. Many have commented on how helpful your single-page overviews
    of the books are. They truly are well written, and the content is very, very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing so generously!

  • bryan dehn (Tuesday, September 22 15 02:14 pm EDT)

    Most excellent, I've learnt alot,best Sunday school class I've been a part of in 18 years.

  • Kim Spendlove (Tuesday, July 28 15 09:48 am EDT)

    Thank you Aaron! We home school and plan to use the Study Guide with our children as our study this year. I was delighted to find the guide as we want them to do more than just listen. The guide
    looks really great. We are also studying Ancient History and many of the charts and visuals will work great for that too. Thank you for all the work you put into this. Blessings in Christ.

  • Lacy Buck (Tuesday, April 07 15 09:04 am EDT)

    I absolutely love the work that you have done. This is the first time I have sat down to read the Bible. I grew up a believer and turned away during my 20\'s and am back stronger than ever to God now
    in my 30\'s. This study guide is just the thing that helps make sense of everything. I thoroughly enjoy my daily time reading God\'s word! I look forward to using your other materials once this
    journey is finished. I had been telling a good friend of mine about this study guide and decided to buy her the PDF\'s so she could use them. Thanks so much!

  • Tina Simek (Tuesday, February 03 15 03:19 pm EST)

    I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying the One Year Chronological Bible Study that I purchase in January. Although I have read through the Bible many times, I had never read through it
    chronologically. Thank you for making this material such an affordable option to go with the reading schedule. The material is a huge resource and I am very appreciative of the great detail it was
    given. I am learning a lot and picking up on details I had never seen before.

  • Gerre Riggs (Tuesday, December 30 14 10:05 pm EST)

    I just finished the BIAY study and was blessed by the extra materials and questions. Each year, I try to complete this study. I am glad I chose the Chronological version this year. I am going to take
    a break and study Ezekiel in depth and the following year, read either the RSV translation, which I read growing up or the Amplified Version. Thanks so much for taking time to publish this study.

  • Jenn Villavencio (Wednesday, April 02 14 10:19 am EDT)

    I grew up in the church, and was saved at a young age. Sadly, though I am 40 years old, I have never made it through the whole Bible. I tend to get lost in Leviticus or Numbers. This year, a friend
    of my mom was starting a Facebook group of women to hold each other accountable to read it through. I believe accountability is one of the key concepts in our walk, so this struck me, and I joined.
    It ended up with more than 700 women joined together to read the Bible through, and on one of the posts, your website was mentioned. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your site. There is so
    much richness I have missed in the Bible because I did not understand some of the things you are helping to clarify for me. Also, I am not zoning out while reading, as I can look at the maps, or the
    charts, etc. Your website has been one of the best Bible helps for me. I have printed a few of the maps, etc and laminated for different studies that I am doing, but have enjoyed it so much in my
    personal study that I just wanted the whole guide! I have shared a few of the reviews or charts with my small accountability group and my community Bible study group as well (as in, I showed an
    example and told them where I found it). I think most anyone could benefit from your guide. Thank you so much!

  • Billy Zeis (Sunday, January 12 14 09:41 am EST)

    We have been truly blessed by your study! Thank you so much for your commitment to God's Word.

  • Jon Beckett (Sunday, January 12 14 09:40 am EST)

    I purchased the BiAY notebook and just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the Chronological Bible Study Guide!
    I am planning on using it for a weekly Bible study as I am promoting the reading of the Chronological One Year Bible! Thank you again for all of your hard work in this effort! It is much appreciated.

  • Brian Schwidder (Friday, November 22 13 04:50 pm EST)

    Aaron, I thought I would pass along how the material you poured yourself into continues to bless others. Many in our Wednesday morning group comment that it is the best study they have done in a long
    time (or ever). The Holy Spirit is really moving among the small group of men that have faithfully met over the past 18 months to go through the Chronological study. Thank you for you leadership and
    obedience to pour your time and gifting into curriculum. God continues to use it to impact many. 10,000 Blessings!

  • Ronda Inman (Friday, October 18 13 07:25 am EDT)

    On behalf of our BIAY group at Faith Baptist Church in Bartlett (Memphis) Tennessee, I can’t begin to tell you what a blessing you have been. We began our group in January, and have downloaded and
    distributed your notes every Wednesday evening since. Our group began with about 28 ladies, of all ages. Of course, that number has fluctuated, but we have the most meaningful discussions and prayer
    times together – guided by your notes. When we completed the Old Testament a few weeks ago, we were averaging 15 faithful or so, and decided that, when we began the New Testament, we would open our
    group back up and extend invitations to those who had dropped out to start over with the NT. We now have about 23 – including 5 men, and ages from 22-late 70s. Our weekly Wednesday evening meeting is
    the highlight of the week! God bless you for this ministry! I can only imagine the labor of love and dedication of so many months – maybe years of your life – went into this research and study notes.
    God has certainly used this material to create a hunger for His Word within our group, and I’m sure all over the world. Just wanted to share my personal gratitude for your ministry. It has been a
    pleasure to facilitate this group alongside you!
    Again, asking God’s special blessings on my brother in Christ.

  • Joe Kirby (Wednesday, August 07 13 08:15 am EDT)

    The chronological Bible has been very helpful in many ways. It helped me understand the historical context of the events taking place by giving the dates associated with the events and by
    intertwining the Psalms and prophets' writings with the historical accounts that took place at the time of their writing.

  • Beth York (Wednesday, July 24 13 09:23 am EDT)

    Aaron, this quest of ours (mine and my friend/assistant) started with trying to find a Bible for dummies. I started a mission to read the Bible cover to cover 5 years ago. Funny how the Lord stops
    you and you camp out a while and sometimes get lost in your mission. My friend has felt she just doesn't know enough about the Bible and feels she has trouble retaining the information. This is what
    started our search. Since finding your website, we are now making another book for her husband, who was adamant that he wanted his own place to make notes and he didn't want to share. That made us
    smile. My friend's sister, who home schools her daughter, is going to use it as part of her curriculum. The Lord is blessing us through your hard work. We've ordered Bibles and plan to get rolling
    this week.

  • Misty Trumpower (Wednesday, May 29 13 06:26 pm EDT)

    Aaron, thank you for this wonderful study. Our church is going to use it as a year-long study that will run over and over again, to get people into the Word of God. We run short programs like the
    "Not a Fan" series and "The Truth Project," but we want to disciple people into a daily walk with God, and your study will be a perfect start. It is far and few between when a study as detailed as
    this one can be found... Available, affordable, and without all the marketing gibberish. Thank you again.

  • Lynda (Sunday, March 10 13 05:44 pm EDT)

    Our small group is using these material this year, and we are thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you for all your work and preparation! God bless you!

  • Carla Smocks (Monday, January 28 13 07:10 pm EST)

    Thank you so much for your God inspired work on the Chronological Bible study. This is my eighth year of reading the Chronological Bible. Since 2010, Our church has encouraged the entire congregation
    to engage in the One Year Chronological Bible reading plan. My Sunday School class, where I am the assistant teacher, has used the plan to replace traditional Sunday School lessons for the last two
    years. As you can see, I am excited and passionate about this reading plan.

    Personally, my husband asked that we engage in family Bible study of the Chronological Bible reading plan. Of course I agreed to the weekly study in our home, however, I struggled with time for a
    structure and lesson for us until I ran across your information on the web. I wanted to thank you and let you know how grateful I am to God for your service.

  • Nancy Dyer (Tuesday, December 11 12 06:14 pm EST)

    I would highly recommend using the Chronological Bible Study guide (BIAY) to anyone who undertakes the challenge of reading through the Bible in a year! I used the BIAY material that Aaron wrote one
    year when a friend of mine asked me to read through the Chronological Bible with her. That friend introduced the material to her church's pastor and their leadership team committed to reading the
    Chronological Bible along with this resource material the following year. That church, then offered it as a Bible Study and several people used that material to help them in their understanding of
    the Word as well as in their personal devotionals. After that year, we invited another gal, an agnostic, to read through the Bible with this reference material. She is now a Christian on fire for the
    Lord and His Word. Thank You Aaron for this wonderful contribution!

  • Melba Allen (Sunday, August 05 12 09:12 am EDT)

    I am a deacon in my church and in attending bible study I felt that I/we needed to do something different to go deeper in studying the bible. I goggled reading the bible in a year. After going to
    several sites I chose yours, I thought that what I saw was awesome. The way it is broken down into to different aspects is helpful to any age level.

  • Lee & Julie Weaver (Friday, July 27 12 08:50 am EDT)

    Around the beginning of the year 4 or 5 of us from the Sunday school wanted to read the bible in a year. We asked the pastor to lead the weekly reviews and decided to invite anyone who wanted to join
    us. Our group went from 4 or 5 to 35 to 40 which is amazing. Especially since our church is fairly small. Many have dropped but it still made an huge impact on the church. Suddenly everyone was
    discussing the Bible in the halls it was totally amazing. There is around 25 of us still on track to finish the Bible in a year. I hope to invite everyone back when we start the New Testament. I have
    discovered through this how important it is to have time in the word daily.

    Thank you for putting it together for us.

  • Tammy (Wednesday, April 11 12 07:59 am EDT)

    I'd recommend this study to all. I am going through it for the second year. Our Sunday School class is sharing in the study, as well.

  • Derry Myers (Tuesday, March 06 12 08:35 pm EST)

    This is my third year to be reading the Chronological Bible in my Quiet time and this year I am using an online version with Google Reader( and I am finding it to be quite
    handy as I can use it with my Ipad.

    We are also doing it in our men's group at church and find the BIAY book quite useful in our discussions.

  • Ruth (Thursday, March 01 12 02:16 am EST)

    A great resource for our small groups last year and are using it again in 2012.

  • Jean Shugert (Wednesday, February 29 12 08:44 pm EST)

    Our group met weekly during 2010 to use your One-Year Chronological Bible Study Guide, and I felt your material was very helpful in preparing for our study time and in reviewing. We had a great
    leader, but it was good to have your guide in hand. Thank you!

  • Troy Talley (Wednesday, February 29 12 08:24 pm EST)

    Without the study guide, my BIAY reading would not have a strong, lasting impact. We're using it to facilitate our men's group discussion. I praise God for all your hard work. It's sure to have
    eternal rewards!

  • Eddie Tabeling (Wednesday, February 29 12 06:03 pm EST)

    What a great resource for any level of learner. Aaron thanks so much for putting in the effort and the hours of time to make this available to all.
    I know that this work brings glory to God as you intended.

  • Josh Hall (Wednesday, February 29 12 05:46 pm EST)

    Our small group went through the BIAY and absolutely loved it. It was a great tool and helped us all see God's story so much clearer. As a result we are each more prepared to discuss God's word with
    those around us. Thanks for the great resource!