What Is BiAY?

BiAY is the teaching ministry of Aaron Ferguson. BiAY stands for "Bible in a Year," which is the nickname of Aaron's first project -- the Study Guide for the One Year Chronological Bible (2006). He has since produced a 365-day devotional -- Daily Reflections for the One Year Chronological Bible (2016) -- as well as a 66-day devotional called The Baker's Bread (2015), two short books called The Liberty Pyramid: The Founders' Framework (2020) and Worldview Matters (2022), three books of poetry and short stories, and a host of publications in the areas of Bible study, America's Christian history and government, worldview, parenting, and leadership. Most of these resources are free and provided on this website.

The Study Guide

The Study Guide is a companion to Tyndale's One Year Chronological Bible (NLT) and includes insightful articles, helpful charts, illustrations, detailed maps, and weekly reviews that are perfect for individual or group Bible study.


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Daily Reflections

The Daily Reflections are also a companion to Tyndale's One Year Chronological Bible (NLT) and include devotions for each day's reading, complete with summaries, explanations, and introspective questions for personal application.


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What's New?

January 2023: A new project is under way -- the New Testament in a year! For more details, click here.


December 2022: Aaron now has eight books available in time for Christmas, with exciting news coming.


November 2022: The book Worldview Matters is finished and ready to be published. Buy it here.


October 2022: Editors are finished with Worldview Matters. We hope to publish at the end of the month.

Worldview Matters

Everyone has a worldview. Christians should have a biblical worldview, but studies show that most Christians don't think biblically about the issues of our day. What about you? Your view of God affects your view of everything else.


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The Baker's Bread

After 20 years, Aaron finally published this 66-day devotional to inspire and instruct Christians to spend "alone time" every day with God (the Baker) in His Word (the Bread).


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Daily Reflections New Testament

A new project is under way -- the New Testament in a year! The Daily Reflections are already being written. Learn more, follow the progress, and download the devotions. The complete book is arriving December 2023.


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The Liberty Pyramid

During the 2020 pandemic, Aaron finished his book, The Liberty Pyramid: The Founders' Framework, which identifies the meaning, origin, and supports of liberty.


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