The Liberty Pyramid: The Founders' Framework

Liberty is what all people have prized yet so few have possessed. But why? If every person in history has desired freedom, then why have so few had the opportunity to enjoy it? What about liberty is so elusive?


Why did liberty find a home in America? What secrets did our forefathers discover that escaped others before them?

What liberty lessons have been forgotten today? Can liberty last forever?


These questions are answered in Aaron's new book The Liberty Pyramid: The Founders' Framework. After teaching America's Christian history and government for more than 25 years, Aaron reminds Americans what God has done in the founding of this great country.


Every Christian needs to read this book! The Liberty Pyramid re-identifies and reaffirms the true meaning, origin, and supports of liberty.


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Article in AFA Journal

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Liberty Is a Gift of God but the Responsibility of Men

This idea that "liberty is a gift of God but the responsibility of men" summarizes The Liberty Pyramid and the establishment of America's constitutional republic.


Our forefathers expressed this principle in two of our founding documents -- the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. In the second paragraph of the Declaration, they laid out five self-evident truths. In the second truth, they explained that our rights -- one of which is liberty -- were endowed by our Creator, which was their way of saying, "Liberty is a gift of God." But, what follows is our responsibility to protect and sustain liberty. They wrote in the fourth truth, "That to secure these rights (i.e. liberty), governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." In other words, while liberty is a gift of God, He has left the responsibility to protect and sustain it to us.


In the Preamble of the Constitution, the Framers wrote, "We the people... in order to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity... do ordain and establish this Constitution..." Having already acknowledged in the Declaration that liberty is an endowment by God to all people, the Founders established a form of government -- a Christian constitutional federal republic -- to protect and sustain liberty. Once again, liberty is a gift of God but the responsibility of men.


Liberty is not a gift of government. Government exists to protect our liberty, not to prohibit it. However, the form of government that our Founders established is so unique and unprecedented that it requires several supports to sustain it. Those supports are explained in The Liberty Pyramid.

The Liberty Pyramid Discussion Questions
Here is a set of questions for each chapter, to help individuals and small groups think more deeply on the principles of The Liberty Pyramid.
Liberty Pyramid Discussion Questions.pdf
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Liberty Letter #1 -- "Can Liberty Last Forever?"
Can liberty last forever or does it need protecting?
01 Liberty Letters -- Can Liberty Last F[...]
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Liberty Letter #2 -- "Why Is Liberty So Elusive?"
Tyranny is the norm of history, liberty the exception.
02 Liberty Letters -- The Mystery of His[...]
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Liberty Letter #3 -- "What Is Liberty Anyway?"
When people talk about freedom, are they referring to liberty or license?
03 Liberty Letters -- The Language of Li[...]
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The Liberty Pyramid: The Founders' Framework
A Quick Look and Brief Explanation of the Liberty Levels
Liberty Pyramid 1 Founders Framework.pdf
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Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger
Socialism has infiltrated American society, but it is antithetical to biblical views and values
01 Clear and Present Danger.pdf
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The Root and Fruit of Socialism
Without God in the picture, Marx arrived at the wrong conclusions in his Communist Manifesto
02 Root and Fruit of Socialism.pdf
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The Church and State
Ever heard, "The Church should have nothing to do with politics"? What is the biblical balance?
03 The Church and State.pdf
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Caring for the Poor
Do government-run socialist programs really help the poor, or do they create dependency?
04 Caring for the Poor.pdf
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Fabian Socialism
America's slow fade into socialism has been intentional, but who is behind it?
05 Fabian Socialism.pdf
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Cultural Marxism
A nation's stability is linked to its morality. Socialists have undermined American virtue.
06 Cultural Marxism.pdf
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The Second Wave
While Marxists use an age-old strategy of "divide and conquer," most Americans are unaware.
07 The Second Wave.pdf
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Marxism and Violence
Marxists are pushing hard to create chaos in order to collapse American society.
08 Marxism and Violence.pdf
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Distorting the Truth -- Education and Media
Socialists must control information to brainwash the masses.
09 Distorting the Truth.pdf
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New World Order
Globalism is socialism on a global scale, and it's anti-Christian and anti-American.
10 New World Order.pdf
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Socialism in the Church
For socialism to be successful, it must infiltrate and undermine the influence of the church.
11 Socialism in the Church.pdf
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The Big Lie of Socialism
Socialism promotes a big lie -- a perfect world; but socialism only leads to a dead end.
12 The Big Lie of Socialism.pdf
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