I was 16 when I wrote my first serious story and discovered my love for words. For introverted, reflective, contemplative people, writing is a pleasure. I've even found writing therapeutic. Like musical ability, athletic talent, or artistic flair, wordsmithing is a gift from God, and I experience great joy and fulfillment when I use that gift to glorify Him. Over the years, I have written 300+ poems and short stories. I call them "ramblings."


A Man of His Word
My Life's Passion
A Man of His Word.pdf
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Are You Naked?
Living an Unhindered Life
Are You Naked.pdf
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A Teacher's Toil
Always Throwing Seeds... But Are Any of Them Growing?
A Teachers Toil.pdf
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Five Kernels of Corn
"What Can Sustain Us But God and His Grace?" -- Pilgrim Governor William Bradford
Five Kernels of Corn.pdf
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The Anvil
Grass Withers, Flowers Fade, But the Word of God Stands Forever
The Anvil.pdf
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Are You Useful to the Master, Prepared for Every Good Work?
Vessels -- A.Ferguson.pdf
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When God Was Silent
Heaven's Reaction to the Crucifixion
When God Was Silent.pdf
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Short Stories

Three Nails and a Hammer
A Story about a Slave and His Savior
Three Nails and a Hammer -- A.Ferguson.p[...]
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