About the Author

My name is Aaron Ferguson. I was raised in a terrific Christian home, was trained by a legion of dedicated godly men and women, gave my life to Christ at an early age, was a four-sport athlete, played Division I college football, and was led by God in 1994 to teach and coach at a Christian school in Oklahoma City. 


Over the years, I've taught Bible, World History, American History, Modern History, Government, English, American Literature, Creative Writing, Yearbook, and Website Design. By God's grace, I got my Masters in History, and I've become a Master Teacher and Dean of the History Department. I've also been blessed to play a role in the development of a student leadership program called Salt & Light, which encourages and equips young people to influence others for Christ. I also design many of our school's publications.


I was raised Southern Baptist and still remain an active member, Elder, and Community Group leader in a Baptist church today. I also have a beautiful wife named Amy, seven wonderful kids (three boys, the girl, and three daughters-in-law), and four grandchildren.


As I have sensed God's direction and discovered my spiritual gifts (service, leadership, and teaching), I've dedicated my life to studying, practicing, and sharing the Scriptures (Ezra 7:10). I love to help other Christians grow in their faith and understand what it is God has given us in His Word. It is this path that has led me to develop the One Year Chronological Bible Study Guide, Daily Reflections, and more.


Statement of Faith
I realize, if you're like me, that you are very cautious about the authors of the books you read and the preachers behind the sermons you hear, and rightfully so. Thus, I'm compelled to share somewhat of a personal statement of faith.


I believe in God the Father, who is the Sovereign Creator of all and who is personal and purposeful in His superintendence; in Jesus Christ, His Son and the only way to salvation; and in the Holy Spirit, the third person of the trinity; the Scriptures are inspired by God, inerrant and infallible. Jesus was virgin-born, sinless, died for our sins, was resurrected in body, and will return someday. How's that for concise?