Welcome to Bi60 -- the Bible in 60 Minutes

Now that you are familiar with the Bible in a year, how about reading the Bible in an hour? Welcome to Bi60 – the Bible in 60 minutes – a simple compilation of select passages to present the big picture of the Bible in a small amount of time.


The idea of Bi60 came to me one Wednesday night at church in the fall of 2020. A team of staff members and volunteers had pieced together a set of prayers that they read from the stage. Members of the congregation prayed with them as they read. The service lasted for about an hour and the whole experience was wonderful!


As I drove home that evening, I wondered about doing something similar to the prayer service but reading Scripture for an hour. How wonderful it would be to hear God’s Word in such a unique way! Thus, Bi60 was born! I soon created various themes and started the process of selecting passages of Scripture. Individuals, small groups, and, yes, even congregations can read these select Bible verses and hear God’s Word in an unfamiliar way.


My intention was not to manipulate Scripture but to piece together complementary passages in a way that our sectioned Bibles cannot accomplish. In the meantime, readers will experience God’s Word, His wisdom, instructions, and encouragements in a way they never have before.


The Bi60 may take more or less than one hour, depending on each participant’s reading pace. Each Bi60 booklet has roughly 12,000 words which, when read at an average speed, will take about sixty minutes. The primary purpose of Bi60 is not the amount of time it takes to read the passages but to enjoy God’s Word in a new and refreshing way. I trust that He will bless your time in the Bi60.

Watch the "Bi60: Passion Week" Service

March 31, 2021

Bi60 Christmas: The Celebration of the Birth of Christ
Read all of the passages related to the Christmas story in 20-30 minutes
Bi60 Christmas.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [381.5 KB]
Bi60 Light and Darkness: The Light of the World
Read all of the passages related to the Bible's theme of light and darkness.
Bi60 Light and Darkness.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [341.6 KB]
Bi60 Passion Week: The Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus
Read all of the passages related to the Easter story in 60 minutes
Bi60 Passion Week.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [440.9 KB]


More editions of Bi60 coming soon!